Funeral Teas

Funeral Teas, Wakes & Memorial Parties

Gather with family and friends to share their grief and exchange stories and memories of lost loved ones. Funeral Teas, Wakes and Memorial Parties can be both moving and uplifting events. 

The Cedars Hotel & Restaurant has years of experience at hosting such events, and can assist you with your arrangements, ensuring that they do not add to the stress of losing a family member or close friend.

Discreet Professional Venue

We offer a variety of menus and refreshments for you to choose from and are happy to accommodate any size of gathering.

The hotel is just across the road from Loughborough crematorium. Friends and relatives are welcome to use our parking facilities whilst at the service.

Please contact our experienced team to arrange your gathering.

We’d love to hear from you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or would like to know more, you can contact us here.

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